Teemis (teemis) wrote,

Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

I'm quite unhappy that my mother in law got back together with her alcoholic boyfriend and will be bringing him to our house for Christmas. This man is completely disrespectful to my husband and I, which my MIL knows, and I think it is absolutely unreasonable for my her to expect us to be hospitable to this piece of shit ever year! It would be different if we were invited to her house of course, but this is at our house.

He is an alcoholic, refuses to work, and treats everyone like they are FAR below him. MIL realizes this, breaks up with him, few months later thinks “he has changed” and takes him back. This same cycle has been going on for FIVE years and she has “left him” at LEAST 4 times! They just got back together a month or so ago and my husband and I are devastated.

A few years before we got married we lived my MIL and her boyfriend. Actually we lived there and THEN he moved in. The arrangement was, we lived there, we pay rent and MIL and BF work away on the rigs. She continued to work on the rigs when he moved in and he instantly didn’t have a job. We paid rent, he didn’t (yet acted like he owned the place), we worked every day, and he got drunk every day. He would constantly insult me when my husband was not around or he would drink with my husband and insult my husband once he was drunk enough not to realize the insults. We got fed up and decided we were going to move out. My MIL calls us trying to make excuses for the man "He only drinks because he is so lonely, you guys need to be his friend and hang out with him so he can stop drinking!"
Okay two 20 year olds NEED to be friends with a man in his 40's or else he will verbally abuse us? WTF kind of logic is that?!

I could go into this much more but I wont. All I have to say is I am very glad that they were not together during our wedding last year... and I am NOT looking forward to seeing that asshole on my doorstep on Saturday.
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So...? I hope this turned out better than expected on the post.
That logic left me [o.0]! I didn't quite get how that could work.

I hope New Year's Eve is even better than Christmas ^.^
Yeah, it turned out to be ok, I just hate having to see that guy. I'm pretty sure he knows we don't like him (our grandma texted him saying if he screwed up again with Mychals mom she was going to "F****** kick his ass") so he stays pretty quiet which is fine by me, but it can still get a bit awkward.