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I had a client today that wanted to know if he could get a permit to allow a "Car Carrier" to get more height than what is supposed to be legal. Long story short I end up asking him when his car carrier was built

Me: When was the car carrier built?

Him: What?

Me: When was the carrier built?

Him: The company?

Me: No. The carrier, the CAR carrier.

Him: Caracareer?

Me: (WTF?)The CAR CARRIER. The stinger steer trailer, CAR CARRIER that you are asking about.

wtf.. he specifically called it a car carrier at the beginning of the conversation so how come he had no idea what I was talking about!?

Reminds me of a time where I asked a client how he would like his PERMIT sent to him and he said "My what? PERMAX?"
What? What the heck do you think I'm talking about?

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