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Three in one.

Me "The phone number to call is 866 -***-****"
Client "8 2 6 6 ..."
Me "No ... 866-***-****"
Client "Oh okay, is that a 780 number?"
Me "No... that is an 866 number"
That happens way more than one would like to admit.

Really good example of how clients will just saying yes to everything you ask:

him "I sent in payment for a permit renewal last week"
me "You mailed in a cheque?"
him "Yeah"
me "Or did you fax in the renewal notice with a credit card number?"
him "Oh yeah that's it"
me "Okay what is your last years permit number so I can look up your new permit for you"
him "Oh she gave me the new number over the phone"
Me "... So you CALLED in and renewed it over the phone then?"
him "Oh yeah sorry I was confused"

This sort of thing happens all the time too:
him "I need a permit"
me "What type of permit do you need?"
him "They just told me I needed a permit"
me "Well... are you plated in *******?"
him "Yes"
me "Hmm... Ok, do you need a permit for being overweight or over dimensional?"
him "I dont know they just told me I need a permit"
me "But what KIND of permit do you need?"
him "I dont know I work for *************** and I apparently
need a permit"
me "Are you heavy on an axle, or hauling a load that is
over legal dimensions?"
him "No my trailer is small"
me "... Ok who told you that you needed a permit?"
him "My foreman"
me: "Well maybe you should call him and find out what kind of permit
you need because there is no way I can tell you what you need since I
can not see the load and I dont know any of the weights OR information."
I have never been able to figure this out when it happens.
In my head this is how the convo might as well have gone:
Person: "Hi can I get a pizza please"
Pizza place: "Sure what kind do you want?"
Person "I don't know"
Pizza place: "Then why the hell did you call me?!"
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